Last updated October 17, 2014 (Budget document)

MMRHS renovation presentation Sept. 16, 2014 from Paul Kakley on Vimeo.

Renovation Q&A from Paul Kakley on Vimeo.

Current Documents (Post-November 2013)

August 5, 2014 – Letter to MSBA

Exhibit A – Value Engineering – BHRSD: APPROVED SCOPE REDUCTIONS SUMMARY (Aug 2014)

Exhibit A – Value Engineering – BHRSD 3011 Value Engineering Items (Aug 2014)

Exhibit A – BHRSD 3011 Scope and Budget (UPDATED Sept 2014)

Exhibit B – BHRSD Updated Phasing Plan (Aug 2014)

Exhibit C – Project Schedule (Aug 2014)

Exhibit D – BHRSD Cash Flow Forecast (Aug 2014)

Exhibit E – BHRSD Exist-Site-w-Modular-11x17_2014-0804

Original Documents (Pre-November 2013)

Timeline of Events Leading to High School Renovation Vote (Sep 2013)

Statement of Interest to MSBA (Nov 2008)

MSBA – MMRHS Enrollment Certification Letter (March 2011)

NESDEC Enrollment Projections (June 2013)

School Committee Vote for Feasibility Study Funding (March 2011)

Preliminary Design Program (PDP) (July 2012)

Preferred Schematic Report (September 2012)

School Committee Vote for Completion of Feasibility and Schematic Design Funding (Nov 2012)

School Committee Vote for Schematic Design Funding – 2nd Part (May 2012)

Schematic Design Binder – MSBA Submission (May 2013)

Schematic Design Binder Supporting Drawings – MSBA Submission (May 2013)


SMMA – Revised Preferred Schematic Options (Sept 2012)-04-12

BHRSD District Citizens Q & A (Jan 2013)

MMRHS Renovation Budget (July 2013)

Other Related Documents

Elementary and Middle School Construction Budget (Jan 2006)

Elementary and Middle School Project Budgets (Feb 2006)