Public Records Request Update – to become effective January 1, 2017

Policy Committee
Stephen Bannon, Andrew Potter, Sean Stephen, Jason St. Peter

Buildings and Grounds Committee
Jason St. Peter, William Fields, Diane Singer, Molly Thomas

Superintendent’s Evaluation Sub Committee
Andrew Potter, Anne Hutchinson, Sean Stephen

Technology Sub Committee
Andrew Potter, Stephen Bannon, Sean Stephen, Richard Dohoney, VACANCY

Finance Sub Committee
Richard Dohoney, Stephen Bannon, VACANCY, William Fields, Andrew Potter

Negotiations Sub – Committee
Stephen Bannon, Anne Hutchinson, VACANCY, Molly Thomas

Warrant Sub – Committee
VACANCY, Richard Dohoney, Stephen Bannon, William Fields, Andrew Potter

District Consolidation & Sharing Sub-Committee
Stephen Bannon, Richard Dohoney, Anne Hutchinson, Sean Stephen, Molly Thomas

School Center, Inc.
Stephen Bannon, Diane Singer, Jason St. Peter

Fund For Excellence
William Fields, Diane Singer

Vocational Advisory Board
Stephen Bannon, Andrew Potter, Sean Stephen, Molly Thomas, Jason St. Peter

MASC Representatives
William Fields, Andrew Potter

Next Steps – MMRHS
William Fields, Jason St. Peter, Molly Thomas, Diane Singer
Co-Chairs:  William Fields, Paul Gibbons