CAPEI – Consejo Asesor de Padres de Estudiantes de Inglés –  English Learners Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC)


Families and their communities foster a child’s academic and social and emotional development and growth. As such, collaborative partnerships among schools, families, and community organizations are crucial to student engagement and success. One way for schools to form partnerships with parents and guardians of English Learners (ELs) is to establish English Learner Parent Advisory Councils (CAPEI in Spanish) to promote and support the success of ELs.


  1. The group adopts the name Consejo Asesor de Padres de Estudiantes de Inglés (CAPEI) according to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 71A and Massachusetts Regulations Code 603 CMR 14.09.
  2. CAPEI/ELPAC strives to help the academic success of all ELs and former ELs to include multiple stakeholders – including district and school leaders, program administrators, program coordinators, teachers, and other school staff – in collaboration to support and build positive relationships with families. The goal of this school year 22-23 advisory group is to create a strong, collaborative group that:
    1. Provides advice to the district or school regarding its English Learner Education programs;
    2. Meets with school officials to participate in the planning and development of programs designed to improve educational opportunities for ELs;
    3. Brings to light issues and situations that impact learning of ELs and provide alternatives;
    4. Participates in the review of school improvement plans and district improvement plans as the plans relate to ELs.


  • CAPEI/ELPAC membership is voluntary and open to all parents of students identified or previously identified as ELs. Although all parents have been invited to participate, our active group only presents Spanish speakers, who represent the native language most commonly spoken by the students in the district. Any other parent that wants to attend, can do so but will not have voting rights.
  • Community partners such as local community organizations, businesses, non-profit organizations, youth organizations, universities, libraries, and family centers are also collaborating and providing resources to support the operation of CAPEI/ELPAC.

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