Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan

The Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan is a key component of the district improvement plan, which is derived from the BHRSD mission statement. Our mission ensures that all students are challenged through a wide range of experiences to become engaged and curious learners and problem solvers who effectively communicate, respect diversity, and improve themselves and their community. Our improvement plans lead us to providing professional development and curriculum integration for bullying prevention and intervention.

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Reporting Form for Allegations of Bullying or Retaliation Related to Bullying

Bullying is serious and will not be tolerated in the BHRSD schools. If you wish to report an incident of alleged bullying, either contact the principal (assistant principal or housemaster) or select the school below and complete this online form so that staff can investigate the matter. In addition, we encourage you to work directly with school staff as they take steps to resolve problems and assure the safety of all parties.

Bullying Incident Reporting Form