Schools & District Profile

At Berkshire Hills, we are all learners. In our schools, we are all looking for opportunities to grow and develop. Curriculum, instruction, assessment, and community are all interconnected. Our curriculum, what we teach, informs our instruction, how we teach. The reverse is also true – instruction helps us develop and shape our curriculum.  Assessment gives us information about how and what each student is learning, and we use that information adjust our approach. And every effort we make is directly connected to our broader community.

BHRSD Overview

The following pages, and the academic pages on the school websites, will go into detail about what and how we teach in Berkshire Hills.  All of those details are in the service of a few broad goals.

It is our mission to ensure all students are challenged through a wide range of experiences to become engaged and curious learners and problem solvers who effectively communicate, respect diversity, and improve themselves and their community.

We strive to cultivate critical thinking. Our students will be prepared for college and careers. Most importantly, our students will become active, productive citizens of the world.

The learning and teaching pages of our website lay out our vision for education in the Berkshire Hills Regional School District. These descriptions of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and community reflect both the facts on the ground, and our aspirations for what teaching and learning should be.

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