I hope everyone in coping well in these challenging times.  I’m happy to report our meals distribution plan is off to a good start.  I hope as well that many of you have heard from your students’ teachers.

There is one more piece of information that I’d like to share.  It’s described well in this article:  Social Distancing: This is Not a Snow Day

The big idea is that by limiting our contact with others we can flatten the curve and reduce the eventual impact on our health care system.  It makes sense but it may be challenging to put in practice.  While we all have to shop for food, we should seriously reconsider all our other interactions.  Specifically, I’d like you to consider not having play dates and gatherings in other contexts.  I have three kids and I get it.  It’s hard.  Please take it seriously.

I will try to share a daily update.  Tomorrow I plan to share some ideas about how we can structure unstructured time to our benefit.

Be safe and stay healthy.

Peter Dillon, Superintendent