Dear BHRSD Community,

I’m writing with an update from last night’s School Committee meeting.

A week ago, the Commissioner announced he was easing mask mandates effective 2/28/2022. Earlier this week, Mass DPH announced they were making masks optional for vaccinated people indoors. Last night, I recommended that we keep masks for a week after break, and starting March 7th, they become optional. This gives us time to see if there is a post-vacation spike as there has been after every vacation.

Masks will still be required on buses, in the nurses’s offices, for pre-k students (as they are too young to be vaccinated), and for students and staff coming back from quarantine for 5 days. Masks may be required in large gatherings depending on current numbers. I will update requirements based on existing data and try to not have a yo-yo approach. Importantly, we will support all students and staff who choose or need to continue to wear masks.

Please reach out if you have questions. And, please enjoy the February break.

Peter Dillon, Superintendent