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 July 23, 2015


 School Committee:   S. Bannon, R. Bradway, F. Clark, R. Dohoney, A. Potter, J. St. Peter,

Administration:        S. Harrison


School Committee:   W. Fields, K. Piasecki, C. Shelton, D. Weston

Administration:        P. Dillon

List of Distributed Documents:

July 23, 2015 School Committee Meeting Agenda; May 21, 2015 Meeting Minutes; June 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes; May 7, 2015 Meet & Confer Meeting Minutes; June 4, 2015 Meeting Minutes; Tech Refresh Memo 7-16-15; Berkshire Public School Enrollment Trends 5-7-2015; July 23, 2015 Personnel Report – Revised; EOY Memo for Cost Reallocation

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Chairman Steve Bannon called the meeting to order at 7:07PM.

The listing of agenda items are those reasonably anticipated by the chair, which may be discussed at the meeting.  Not all items listed may in fact be discussed, and other items not listed may be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.  This meeting is being recorded by CTSB and will be broadcast at a later date.  Minutes will be transcribed and made public, as well as added to our website, once approved.

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  • Special Education Tuition Rates

Mr. Potter made a motion, seconded by Mr. St. Peter to enter Executive Session at 7:08PM, Chapter 30A, Sections 21, #3, for the purpose of negotiations. To discuss this topic in open session would be detrimental to negotiations.   Regular session will reconvene following Executive Session. 

Mr. Potter made a motion, seconded by Mr. St. Peter to reconvene the Regular Session at 7:20PM.


May 21, 2015   June 18, 2015

Mr. Bannon presented the meeting minutes of May 21, 2015 and June 18, 2015 to the Committee for approval.

Mr. Potter made a motion, seconded by Mr. Clark to approve the meeting minutes of May 21, 2015 and June 18, 2015.

Unanimous approval of May 21, 2015.

5 members voted approval of June 18, 2015.   Mr. Clark abstained.



  1. Good News Item(s)

Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School

Mrs. Berle reported the following good news items:

  • Muddy Brook is hosting Project Connection this summer. 120 students have been at the school for the last 3 weeks.  The program has been highly successful, allowing for fine-tuning of reading instruction.  Twenty volunteers from the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires have been helping with reading instruction during a reading block held in the morning session.  There also has been other collaboration with multiple partners.  This year the Congregational Church in Stockbridge and Fairview Hospital have collaborated, and 21 families are receiving two bags of groceries every Thursday at the end of the day. This is helping to make up some of the food insecurity that we see when kids are going from 10 school meals to the four that we provide through Project Connection.
  • Teachers have been going to reading conferences and are coming back really excited about the professional development that the district has been able to provide. Six teachers attended a conference at Leslie College last week.
  • Muddy Brook is also working very hard on the hiring process, hiring two 3rd grade teachers and a SPED teacher. Announcements on those hiring’s will be made in the next couple of weeks.

Du Bois Regional Middle School

Mr. Doren reported the following good news items:

  • Monument Valley held a wonderful graduation ceremony for the 8th graders moving up to high school to finish off the school year. The ceremony was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by staff, students, parents and family members.
  • The Spain trip was also during that period of time. There was a wonderful U-Tube presentation from Salamanca Spain on the Spain trip from Senor Heath and all the participating 8th
  • Camp Exploration is going on. 5th and 6th graders are at Muddy Brook, with 7th and 8th graders at Monument Valley.  It is an amazing program for students.  5th and 6th graders are working on developing comic books with super heroes, which has proven to be a very engaging activity.  Students are working on characterization, the art of narrative and basically producing a little piece of literature containing a lot of writing, art and narratives.  It feels like camp and they don’t even realize they are reading and writing.
  • Project Connection is also working with numerous partners. Multi-Cultural Bridge is providing an outdoor adventures program.  The Berkshire Museum is also collecting information from the landscape on biology and putting it into their database, bringing some very interesting technology.
  • 7th and 8th graders are at DBRMS in the revived Tech Ed Lab. There is wood working, computers and printing.  The program is called Crafting in the Berkshires.  Students are working in mind craft, collaborating to design and build things.  They are also going out and learning about farms and chickens and are building chicken coops virtually and also in real world for farmers and local families.  It has been a real mix of 19th century and 21st century skills.
  • Custodians are working in between making sure the physical plant is as top notch as it can be.
  • A 7th grade Social Studies teacher has been hired. The Music teacher for next year will be Rob Putnam, who is returning the BHRSD.
  • Summer professional development, staff attended a Farm to School Institute at Shelburne Farms in VT. We learned how we can build the local landscape and build in sustainability, and also work with Food Service and start to make some strong connections.
  • The Science team is working with Flying Cloud to get students out into the field. Next year 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade will all get outside and do work within the local landscape.
  • The 7th grade team is working on a Berkshire History unit. This is something they have wanted to put together for many years, and have finally been able to organize and put it together.
  • The 5th grade team is working on writing and literacy, building on the work done last year with the double block Humanities, developing deep, getting literature in there and organizing the way we work on writing.
  • Part of the Admin Team, as well as the Student Support Team are attending Restorative Practices workshops to augment the PBIS work.
  • The Open House for incoming 5th graders will be in August.

Mr. Bannon reported Superintendent Peter Dillon is in Boston this evening meeting with local and State legislatures talking about the South County Collaboration Agreement and ways to get funding for incentives.

  1. Special Education Tuition Agreement – Farmington River – Richmond

Sharon Harrison reported she and Kate Burdsall, the Director of Student Services have been looking at the rate of tuition for special education students who fall under the Farmington River Tuition Agreement.  She recognizes no changes for SPED tuition students were included when the three-year tuition agreement was developed last year.  We have been working and talking with partners in Farmington River to bring this tuition amount more in line with actual costs.  For example, for an inclusion classroom, for at least 9 years, tuition cost has been $13,410.  BHRSD costs have been increasing over that time and we recognize the need to bring the tuition rates more in line.  There is a proposed increased for SPED, full inclusion students from $13,410 to $18,410 for FY16.  It will then increase over the next three years.  During that time Kate Burdsall and Sharon Harrison will continue to look at the cost of these classrooms and at the end of the three years an additional recommendation will be made for tuition adjustment.

Within that agreement there is also partial inclusion students.  That rate is pro-rated.  If a student is separated 75% of the time BHRSD would charge 75% of the special education rate and 25% of the regular education rate.  Anything below that or in-between would also be a proportional rate.

Additionally, what has also been added into this agreement are add on services like job coaching, specialized services, counseling services, speech services, paraprofessionals, etc.  Any of these services will be additionally added and charged back to Farmington River.

This is being brought to the Committee this evening as a proposal to be added to Farmington River’s Tuition Agreement with BHRSD for FY16 to FY18.

Mr. Clark inquired whether this change could be made unilaterally, meaning this would be BHRSD rate, or does there need to be a separate agreement with each partner?  Mr. Bannon stated the district is negotiating with other partners.  The decision was to vote on this proposal this evening and the hope is they will follow suit.

Mr. Clark inquired whether BHRSD has the right, under law, to set the rates they want to set for these students.  Mr. Bannon stated if it is tuition, yes.  Mr. Clark inquired whether BHRSD will have a uniform rate for “same” services?  Not dependent on which community is sending the student.  Could we have different rates for different towns?  Sharon Harrison stated currently the district is asking for a vote on a proposal for Farmington River, for their district member towns.  There are two tuition agreements and the district is working with Richmond separately.  The outcome of those discussions may, or may not be the same.  Mr. Clark stated it is his desire that BHRSD have one rate across the board for all sorts of services.  It may take a while to coordinate that.  Mr. Clark stated he supports this fully.

Mr. Dohoney made a motion, seconded by Mr. Potter to approve the Special Education Tuition Agreement between BHRD and Farmington River, as proposed.

Unanimous approval.

  1. Technology Refresh

Mr. Bradway stated during the most recent budget discussions, approximately $100,000 was approved for technology refresh.  The intent of these monies is to replace broken or outdated equipment within the district.  Over the course of last year the Director of IT left the district in November, so the district has been working not only without a Director, but also short-staffed.  It has been challenging to properly analyze the infra-structure until a Director of IT could be hired.  The plan was not to do any extensive changes to the infra-structure, but to address those areas of the infrastructure that needs to be replaced, either because the equipment was obsolete or not in serviceable condition.  This is what the Committee approved.  One of the things Mr. Bradway stated he was working with Peter Dillon on was to have an audit completed of the technology infrastructure.  That was conducted in May by Wally Computers.  They identified a number of pinpoints in the BHRSD network that was the crux of some of the core problems being experienced.

Dave Long was hired as the Director of IT and has been with the district for 3 weeks.  He re-looked at what Wally Computers had done and he has come back and spoken to Mr. Bradway and Mr. Dillon about re-evaluating the purchase plan for what had been approved.  Instead of doing an all-out re-fresh of computers, and knowing that the district is moving more and more into cloud computing and really more on internet connectivity and optimal network connections he made the recommendation to not use all of those monies on computer replacement, but to also look at upgrading the network in key places.  Mr. Bradway felt his analysis was a good one, backed up by what Wally Computers had also reported.  This would be a smart move for the district to make in regard to technology, to focus spending the money wisely and in the right places.

What David Long has submitted is the revised plan, illustrating upgrading some computers with new computers, with new processors and would provide some longevity over time, existing computers that are not using the types of software that require a higher processing function, upgrade the hard drives and the memory so they will boot up faster and will process quicker, and the balance of that would be to replace some of the key infrastructure that will allow better connectivity.  We worked with Sharon Harrison to make sure we could work with this revised plan.  What will be spent will actually be less then what was originally approved.  Mr. Bradway believes this plan will be good for the district, as the spending will be less, and the money will be spent in the right places.  Mr. Bradway recommends the Committee approve the revised Technology Refresh Plan.

Mrs. Harrison stated she has worked with bond council and DOR regarding this revised proposal and has received approval from both.  Because these are estimates the vote will stay at the $100,000 level, so if the quotes for purchase are received a bit higher the money will be there to cover.  If the quotes come in lower, then that is all that will be spent of the $100,000.

Mr. Potter made a motion, seconded by Mr. Dohoney to approve the revised Technology Refresh Plan as proposed by Mr. David Long, Director of IT, and presented by Mr. Bradway.

Mr. Clark stated he believes this to be a good initiative.  He believed the proposal is explained very clearly.  He does feel it is still a one-time snapshot of this year.  What Mr. Clark would like to know is how this affects the long-range capital plan.  Was there a capital plan for a server upgrade, and if not, why not?  Obviously, that is a piece of equipment that is needed.  Primarily, Mr. Clark is interested in not looking at just a one-time, one-year change, but that this is a component that will fit in with and will mess well with the long-term capital plan.  Secondly, how will this affect the long-term users in terms of the refresh?  Mr. Clark’s personal opinion has always been that the simple refresh of a certain number of computers arbitrarily every year, 1/3rd per year, was a place to start, but that should be refined.  It may be a good goal, but he does not want to see the district discontinue use of perfectly good computers just because it was time to refresh.

Mr. Bradway stated with respect to the servers, they were included in a plan.  Some of the servers will be refreshed in this plan.  Most of the switch equipment was in the plan, but when you are looking at critical needs and trying to prioritize, the computers the end users are using typically take priority.  That is the equipment with the most wear and tear.  A switch does not have the same wear and tear.  The switches will typically be used until an audit is performed where we realize we are optimal deficient or you replace them when they stop operating.  In terms of the refresh plan the switches are a less priority because they are still functioning, but not as optimally as they could be given the usage the school district has and how everything is evolving within that usage.  Mr. Bannon stated the district does have a five-year plan.  Mr. Bradway stated what was followed this year was the refresh in that plan, based on the information that the district had.  Now that we have a Director of IT who has performed an analysis, in addition to the analysis that was performed by an outside agency, we have a much better picture of the needs.  We are not necessarily disposing of perfectly good computers, but are matching the technology with usage.  That is one reason why a number of the computers will be retained, with new hard drives and memory.  Mr. Clark stated all he would like to see is an alignment of equipment need with usage.  Mr. Bradway stated that is what is being done.  Tonight was supposed to be the Technology Overview, but with the recent hiring of Mr. Long as Director of IT, it was felt that overview should be postponed at this time.

Mr. Long stated he is completely on the same page with Mr. Clark.  He joined the district looking to match the cash flow up with the equipment need.  The environment runs completely off the network.  All faculty files are stored on the network, with cloud access, etc.  By replacing the switch speed of access dissemination can be increased.  In the long-term the district may very well end up leasing individual devices.

Mr. Clark stated he has always been impressed with Mr. Long’s knowledge and ability and is thrilled he has joined BHRSD.  He is more in awe now in what Mr. Long has been able to accomplish in his first couple of weeks.

Eileen Mooney inquired whether this purchase is for one year.  Mr. Bannon stated this will be a capital purchase made for one year.

Unanimous approval.

  1. Berkshire Regional Planning Commission

Berkshire County Task Force

Mr. Briggs stated he was making this presentation at the request of Superintendent Dillon.  On July 18th there was a meeting held of a Berkshire County Group of 20 representatives that met to discuss shared services, collaboration and consolidation.  Much of the work they are doing is based off of the work that is already being done by the South County group that has been operating over the past year.  Both Peter Dillon and Steve Bannon were invited to participate.  Peter has also been meeting with Representative Pignatelli regarding the same issues.

Mr. Bannon stated this document called Berkshire Public School Enrollment Trends is one of the pieces of data that is being used by the Berkshire County Educational Task Force.  Starting about 6 months ago, the Chairs of all Berkshire County school districts, along with some Superintendents, had met at Nessacus to discuss collaboration, cooperation and possibly farther down the road, some sort of coordinated merger.  Central Berkshire School District already had a task force working on this.  This has evolved into what is being called the Berkshire County Educational Task Force, which is meeting on Saturday mornings every three weeks.  They are open meetings.  The Attorney General has determined these task force meetings are not subject to the open meeting law, however, others are welcome to attend the meetings, including media.  All meetings will be made open, but will not be posted.  The Berkshire Eagle has been present at one meeting, and at the last meeting about six or seven members of the public were in attendance.

The Southern Berkshire Task Force is made up of Mr. Bannon, The Town Manager of Lenox, the Chair of Southern Berkshire School Distract and the Chair of Lee.  Mr. Dillon is also a member.  In the words of the Chair, “Rising costs, declining enrollments occur a tipping point means we need to mobilize in order to navigate the cliff.  The task force brings strength and representations from across the county.  Efforts are to represent all interests and improve delivery outcomes for students.  The task force will lead to a series of recommendations that could include a range of options.  This will not always be easy, but we need to stay at it.  We need bold ideas.”  At the last meeting we broke into groups and did brainstorming about where we anticipate going and where we are now.  Also, who are the interested players besides the task force members?  Obviously students and voters and business people.  It is a very interesting task force, and will be even more interesting to see where we end up.  This does not preclude the South County group from continuing to meet, which includes mostly Superintendents who have been meeting with Smitty Pignatelli.  That group will continue to meet.  Both groups are transparent with each other, knowing that at some point they are on the same path.

Mr. Potter inquired what the Governor’s office involvement is.  Mr. Bannon stated the Governor’s representative will be at some of these meetings.   Senator Downing was at the last meeting.  MASC is hosting all of these meetings.  Glen Coucher has been at every single meeting.  MASC is very interested in what our outcomes are.  There are other places in the State who are working on the same type of thing and we will be able to learn from each other.

Mr. Dohoney inquired whether most of the school districts in the county were represented.  Mr. Bannon stated at this point the school districts who wanted to be represented where in attendance.  Richmond, Farmington River or Pittsfield have not attended.  The task force would like to see Pittsfield become involved.

Mr. Bannon stated at their last meeting the Lee School Committee spoke of the fact that they are open and willing to discuss cooperation, collaboration and regionalization with anyone who was interested.  Mr. Bannon is not sure where their talks with Lenox are at this point, but they seem to have opened the door.  It just so happens the Chairperson of the Lee School Committee is Andrea Wadsworth, who works in the Berkshire Hills Business office.  Mr. Bannon has had a couple of discussions with Andrea and with the School Committee’s permission, he would like to speak with Andrea and have her return to her School Committee and say that BHRSD has made it very clear that they are willing to speak with anyone who is willing to speak with them.  We would like to put together a task force of our School Committee members and administration and see where that leads.

Mr. Bannon stated he sees this as an interesting dynamic.  He does not ever remember discussions of this magnitude taking place with the Lee School District.  Lee currently has a part-time, Interim Superintendent for one year.  Mr. Bannon will report back to the Committee at the next School Committee meeting.

Mr. Dohoney made a motion, seconded by Mr. Potter to give Chairman Steve Bannon permission to speak to the Chair of the Lee School Committee, Andrea Wadsworth, to investigate development of a possible task force of the two School Committees for the purpose of collaborative and shared services discussions.

Unanimous approval.

  1. Overview: Summer Professional Development

Mr. Briggs reported much of the professional development work taking place looks like what has been done in the past, teacher teams, discipline level teams and cross discipline teams that is very outcome-driving work is happening this summer.  Towards the end of the year teams got together and made proposals of work to the Principals and to Mr. Briggs that they would like to receive funding for to develop units, and particularly to look at cross disciplinary work over the summer.  There are projects running in all three schools.

In the high school the focus has been capstone projects at the end of the year.  This has been mostly discipline teams looking at how they can incorporate capstone projects across the school.  At the middle school and the elementary school there have been many projects looking at fleshing out brand new units.  Looking at end of unit assessments as well as cross-grade work.  For example, the elementary school just received a new infusion of Science materials and Science at the elementary school has not been as integrated as it could be.  So a team of educators has been brought together K, 1, 2, 3 and 4 to not only go through those materials, but to also re-map how those materials could be used throughout the school so in the fall there will be great, new Science units.  Not only how they can be used in classes, but fully incorporate it into the other curriculum as well.

In addition to that there have been a number of teachers attending workshops in guided reading and how to work with struggling readers.  The middle school has a number of teachers who are attending a Math Leadership Institute and also a Restorative Practices Workshop.

A number of educators from all three schools have also been trained in Orton Gillingham to do direct concept phonics and literacy work with our most struggling readers.  That process began a couple of weeks ago, and that practicum will continue throughout the year with a trainer.  A lot of this work was driven by looking at the needs in our district and looking at assessments.

Funding has come from Title I and also the Learning and Teaching professional development budget.

  1. Updates
    • State Budget

Sharon Harrison reported the Governor has signed the new budget.  The district has received its new Cherry Sheet and the budget numbers.  Chapter 70 looks like it will be $5,430 above what was budgeted.  Regional School Transportation, because of the way funding goes up and down, that is usually budgeted at 63%, but it looks like it will come in at 70%, so almost 10% higher then what was budgeted, projecting $60,000 over the budget.  At the end of the year next year Sharon Harrison will request the Committee put those dollars into the Regional Revolving Fund so it is there in case there is ever an overage.  School Choice and Tuition, it is projected to be about $1,000 lower than the districts projection, but they use last year’s numbers to project this year’s income.  Mrs. Harrison uses the numbers of students that the district has accepted, plus special education increments.

Everything is looking good so far.  The only concern is USDA monies have not been received yet.  The rumor is they don’t have enough money to send out the final reimbursement for June.  They are waiting for the federal government to give them the money.  Mrs. Harrison is hoping this is a short-term problem.  Mr. Clark inquired how much money is owed.  Mrs. Harrison stated $15,000.

Mr. Bannon inquired about Kindergarten Grants.  Will they be fully funded, not funded?  Mrs. Harrison stated the last she heard it was funded at $1.0 million dollars, much lower.  The money will be distributed to high need districts.  At budget time $55,000 was put into the budget to move Kindergarten paraprofessionals out of the grant and into the operating budget.  If any money is received by the district those costs can always be moved back to the grant.

  • Berkshire County Task Force

Mr. Bannon stated the Berkshire County Task Force was discussed under “Berkshire Regional Planning Commission”.  The Berkshire Public School Enrollment Trends document speaks for itself.  It is still to be seen how accurate it is, but the 10 year projections are based on students who are in the pipeline.  Mr. Clark stated the summary is throughout Berkshire County the student population is declining.  Essentially, it is not a localized problem, but throughout Berkshire County.  The numbers are clear in the study.  Mr. Potter stated his take is the non-geographically based systems are the ones that are going up.  Vocational is going up.  They are pulling students and thriving.  Mr. Dohoney stated to be clear, this is a report by the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission, which is not at all part of the task force we have discussed tonight.  They have made one presentation to the task force.  Mr. Bannon stated we will see what their relationship with the task force will be.

The first part of this task force is to obviously try to get funding.  Senator Downing assured everyone that both South County and the Regional Task Force will receive funding through the Governor’s office, one of two grants.  Mr. Clark inquired whether the task force is primarily interested in financial ways to save money and deal with enrollment issues, or has there also been discussion about vocational quality and different models that deliver education?  Mr. Bannon stated it is both.  In the brainstorming session both were discussed.  We want to keep educational levels at high quality, but also not continue spending in the way we are.  We are trying to figure out what is best for the County.  Mr. Dohoney inquired whether Mr. Bannon envisioned the goal of the task force as to eventually make recommendations to the individual districts and schools as to how they should fund themselves.  Consolidation being one of those options?  Mr. Bannon stated they are not quite there yet, but this is one enrollment trend.  There are some smaller districts that will have to do something.  Senator Downing has said if we don’t legislate ourselves, then someone will do it for us.  Representative Smitty Pignatelli has also stated this.  We have heard this before.  Mr. Clark inquired whether there would be sub-groups to deal with North County, Central County and South County.  It seemed there were three distinct sub-sets within the task force, geographically.  Mr. Bannon stated eventually there will need to be.  This will lead everyone to the table and will try to have a model that everyone follows, but he believes eventually South, Central and North will meet in subgroups.  Mr. Potter stated he got a sense in the meeting he attended actually “gaming out” vocational training countywide, and also some legislation changes to change how that money flows.  That is a real roadblock in terms of any master plan for the districts, is to how to have kids going back and forth.  Mr. Bannon stated that is one of the reasons there are business people on the task force.  Major businesses will be represented because the vocational part of what they need we need to hear, and that we are not meeting those needs.  Mr. Clark inquired whether there may be coordination with the Massachusetts School Building Assistance group.  At the meeting he and Mr. Potter attended it was stated it did not make sense for some of the proposed building projects to move forward until vocational issues were resolved.  Mr. Bannon stated they are putting together documents right now of what capital borrowing has occurred, what is in the pipeline and there was discussion that it may be necessary to go to the MSBA and ask them if the district is willing to put out a one year moratorium.  There is a lot of problems with that.  Problems such as inflation figures.  If you wait a year are they willing to increase funding because the monetary need will change?  At this point it is too early to discuss it, but the challenge was raised.  Mr. Dohoney inquired whether there was any discussion of the MSBA reforming their consolidation incentives within their program.  Mr. Bannon stated no, not at that one meeting.

  1. Potential Next Steps in Regional Amendment Process

Mr. Briggs stated Mr. Dillon is in discussion with three consultants.  At the next meeting he will be bringing forth that proposal.  Mr. Bannon stated he had hoped to have it here this evening, but he is still working on it at this time.  Mr. Dohoney inquired whether all three Select Boards have now voted to participate.  Mr. Bannon stated yes, all three towns have voted.  Now it is up to the district to hire someone to lead the process.  Depending on who is hired to lead the process, it could be a different format.  We may not hire someone from MASC.  Mr. Dohoney questions whether the district should be the one doing the hiring.  The member towns own the District Agreement.  The district should certainly be part of it.  Mr. Bannon stated one of the problems was getting the three member towns together.  Mr. Potter stated there is a section of the current agreement that lays out how the agreement can be changed.  Mr. Bannon stated he was always under the impression that it is the towns who would lead the process.  We have put out the proposals and we will see what processes are returned.  Right now, the costs are coming from the school district budget.  The district has been very clear we want to do this.


  1. Policy Committee
    • Policy Manual
    • Second Reading: Section D, Section E, Section F, Section G, Section H, Section I, Section J, Section K, Section L

Mr. Clark stated the sections listed in the agenda of the policy manual are being brought before the Committee for a second reading this evening.  Our consultant, MASC, assisted the Subcommittee in revising the policy manual and to put it online.

Mr. Clark made a motion, seconded by Mr. Bradway to approve the following revised policy sections of the BHRSD Policy Manual, Section D, Section E, Section F, Section G, Section H, Section I, Section J, Section K and Section L.

Unanimous approval.

An additional subcommittee meeting will be scheduled soon.

  1. Buildings & Grounds Subcommittee

Mr. Bradway – Nothing to report.

  1. Superintendent’s Evaluation Subcommittee

Mr. Bannon – Nothing to report

  1. Technology Subcommittee

Mr. Bradway – A meeting was held to discuss the Technology Overview.

  1. Finance Subcommittee

Mr. Dohoney stated a meeting has not been held.  A meeting scheduled for July 28th will be moved to August 5th at 4:30 at the District Offices.


Mr. Bannon presented the Personnel Report to the Committee for review.



Certified Appointments
Putman, RobertGeneral Music/ Chorus Teacher – MV8/31/2015@ MA+60 CAGS Step 18 ($80,686)
(replaces Karen Ross)
Chirichella, Kimberly.4 Musi Teacher – MB8/31/2015@ .4 MA Step 17 ($28,248.80)
(replaces .4 of Julie Bickford)
Non-Certified Appointments:
Long, DavidInformation Technology Director7/1/2015@ $70,000/yr
(replaces Diego Solis)
Errichetto, AnthonyCustodian Supervisor – MMRHS7/15/2015@$17.53/hr – 8/hr/day
(replaces Ed Frigon)

Extra-Curricular Appointments:

(all 2015 – 2016  unless otherwise noted)
Benham, DillonSummer Grounds Maintenance – Helper – 7/6/15 – 8/21/15@10.50/hr – 7/hrs./day
Dwyer, MeghanSummer Grounds Maintenance – Helper – 7/6/15 – 8/21/15@$15.52/hr – 7/hrs./day
Dwyer, TrevorSummer Grounds Maintenance – Helper – 7/6/15 – 8/21/15@$10.82/hr – 7/hrs./day
Falta, JarridSummer Seasonal Custodian – 7/6/15 – 8/21/15@$11.47/hr. – 8/hrs./day
Gibbons, PaulSummer Grounds Maintenance – Supervisor – 7/6/2015 – 8/21/2015@$23.20/hr – 7/hrs./ day
Jenny, DuncanSummer Seasonal Custodian – 7/6/15 – 8/21/15@$10.82/hr – 8/hrs./day
Pyenson, DavidSummer Technology Intern – 06/23/15 – 8/21/15@$10.82/hr – 7 1/2 hrs./day
Race, MegSummer Grounds Maintenance – Helper – 7/6/15 – 8/21/15@$10.50/hr – 7/hrs./day
Wadsworth, AndreaWellness Coordinator20682 – Wellness FundStipend:  $1,500
Summer Professional Development – Operating Budget
Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School
Auger, MaryData TeamStipend: $500
Benton, AliArt – Cross Building Sol Lewitt ProjectStipend: $500
Chamberlin, GlenIntegrating Science UnitsStipend: $500
Difazio, Sarah2nd Grade – Heroes & Heroines UnitStipend: $500
Ebitz, SusanIntegrating Science UnitsStipend: $500
Finnerty, Kristin2nd Grade – Heroes & Heroines UnitStipend: $500
Flynn, Anne3rd Grade-Integrating Reading UnitsStipend: $500
Flynn, AnneIntegrating Science UnitsStipend: $500
Lupiani, DiannaIntegrating Science UnitsStipend: $500
Redman, Jessica3rd Grade-Integrating Reading UnitsStipend: $500
Salinetti, AmyIntegrating Science UnitsStipend: $500
Du Bois Regional Middle School
Arnold, DianeScience DepartmentStipend: $500
Arnold, DianeReading-Math Academic Enrichment & Support PlanningStipend: $500
Bilodeau, SusanRestorative Practices Planning TeamStipend: $500
Cormier, KimSixth Grade Academic SupportStipend: $500
Eline, HelenReading-Math Academic Enrichment & Support PlanningStipend: $500
Fisher, AliRestorative Practices Planning TeamStipend: $500
Gillis, KathleenReading-Math Academic Enrichment & Support PlanningStipend: $500
Girona, TheresaRestorative Practives Planning Team$12.25/hr-up to 18 hrs. (total $220.50)
Koldys, RandyScience DepartmentStipend: $500
Kujawski, JenScience DepartmentStipend: $500
Kujawski, JenMMSIStipend: $500
Oakley, JessicaScience DepartmentStipend: $500
Ramsay, DebraReading-Math Academic Enrichment & Support PlanningStipend: $500
Sparks, ElizabethRestorative Practices Planning TeamStipend: $500
Wirmusky, AnthonyRestorative Practices Planning Team$17.51/hr-up to 18 hrs. (total $315.18)
Monument Mountain Regional High School
Miller, JenniferOrton Gillingham TrainingStipend: $500
Summer Special Education Program:
Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School
Bell-Devaney, GeoffLead Teacher & Tutor Coordinatorsped – operating (2111)Stipend: $5,750
Teigen, SusanTeacher/Tutorsped – operating (2310)$40/hr – 15 hours total
Du Bois Regional Middle School
Cooper, HeidiPhysical Therapist – 7/6 – 8/6 Wednesdayssped – operating (2111)$52/hr.
Doerle, MeganParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdayssped – operating (2111)$14/hr.
Minacci, JamieParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdayssped – operating (2111)$14/hr.
Scott, WendyParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdayssped – operating (2111)$14/hr.
Sorrentino,  AlyssaParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdayssped – operating (2111)$14/hr.
Tuomenoksa, IrisParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdayssped – operating (2111)$14/hr.
Voudren, CherylParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdayssped – operating (2111)$14/hr.
Camp Half Moon
Wadsworth, ToriParaprofessional – 6/17/15 – 8/21/15 (no Fridays, not July 20-31)sped – operating (2111)$14/hr.
Du Bois Regional Middle SchoolCollaborative (20660)
Cavanaugh, KimCOTA (Muddy Brook & Mon. Valley – 7/6 – 8/6 Wednesday(20660)$32.50/hr
Kahlstrom, LindaParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdays(20660)$14/hr.
Kapchinske, GaryLead Teacher(20660)Stipend:  $4,500
Mackey, KarenLead Teacher(20660)Stipend:  $4,500
McCauley, SuzanParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdays(20660)$14/hr.
Page, DeannaParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdays(20660)$14/hr.
Rodick, PennyParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdays(20660)$14/hr.
Wright, JaneParaprofessional – 7/6 – 8/6 Mondays – Thursdays(20660)$14/hr.
Summer Professional Development
Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School
Title I (25015)
Auger, MaryOrton Gillingham Training(25015)Stipend: $500
Auger, MayTitle I Tutor – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)$40/hr. up to 8 hours
Chamberlin, GlenLesley Workshop – Guided Reading, K-2(25015)Stipend: $500
Connolly, SharonTitle I Tutor – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)$40/hr. up to 8 hours
Curletti, JackTitle I Tutor – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)$40/hr. up to 8 hours
Dupont, LauraData Team(25015)Stipend: $500
Ebitz, SusanLesley Workshop – Struggling Readers(25015)Stipend: $500
Flynn, AnneLesley Workshop – Struggling Readers(25015)Stipend: $500
Groeber, BonnieLesley Workshop – Struggling Readers(25015)Stipend: $500
Kennedy, ShaunLesley Workshop – Guided Reading, K-2(25015)Stipend: $500
Lupiani, DiannaTitle I Tutor – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)$40/hr. up to 8 hours
Manzolini, KerryLesley Workshop – Struggling Readers(25015)Stipend: $500
Manzolini, KerryTitle I Tutor – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)$40/hr. up to 8 hours
Melville, PattyLesley Workshop – Guided Reading, K-2(25015)Stipend: $500
Melville, PattyTitle I Tutor – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)$40/hr. up to 8 hours
Minacci, JamieTitle I Tutor – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)$40/hr. up to 8 hours
Minkler, BarbaraData Team(25015)Stipend: $500
Minkler, BarbaraLesley Workshop – Struggling Readers(25015)Stipend: $500
Minkler, BarbaraTitle I Coordinator – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)Stipend: $2,187
Pegorari, LeannaData Team(25015)Stipend: $500
Redman, JessicaTitle I Tutor – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)$40/hr. up to 8 hours
Salinetti, AmyLesley Workshop – Guided Reading, K-2(25015)Stipend: $500
Silk, LilyLesley Workshop – Guided Reading, K-2(25015)Stipend: $500
Silk, LilyTitle I Tutor – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015$40/hr. up to 8 hours
Teigen, SusanLesley Workshop – Struggling Readers(25015)Stipend: $500
Teigen, SusanOrton Gillingham Training(25015)Stipend: $500
Way, CarolData Team(25015)Stipend: $500
Title II (25215)
Curletti, JackTech Interview Committee(25215)Stipend: $160 (4 hrs. @ $40/hr.)
Curletti, JackKindergarten-Thematic Units(25215)Stipend: $500
Difazio, Sarah2nd Grade – Flying Cloud Work(25215)Stipend: $500
Dupont, LauraKindergarten-Thematic Units(25215)Stipend: $500
Finnerty, Kristin2nd Grade – Flying Cloud Work(25215)Stipend: $500
Lupiani, Dianna2nd Grade – Flying Cloud Work(25215)Stipend: $500
Salinetti, AmyKindergarten-Thematic Units(25215)Stipend: $500
Scarbro, Kaitlin2nd Grade – Flying Cloud Work(25215)Stipend: $500
Topham, JillKindergarten-Thematic Units(25215)Stipend: $500
Du Bois Regional Middle School
Title I (25015)
Bilodeau, SusanMahesh Sharma Math Leadership Institute(25015)Stipend: $500
Fisher, AliOrton  Gillingham Training(25015)Stipend: $500
Russell, TammyTitle I Coordinator – half time – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)Stipend: $1,141
Smith, NanOrton Gillingham Training(25015)Stipend: $500
Sparks, ElizabethMahesh Sharma Math Leadership Institute(25015)Stipend: $500
Zick, DavidTitle I Coordinator – half time – July 6, 2015 – August 6, 2015(25015)Stipend: $1,141
Title II (25215)
Astion, DonnaTech Interview Committee(25215)Stipend: $160 (4 hrs. @ $40/hr.)
Bell, Erica7th Grade Berkshire County History(25215)Stipend: $500
Bilodeau, SusanAcademic Support-Executive Function(25215)Stipend: $500
Bilodeau, Susan7th Grade Math(25215)Stipend: $500
Cormier, KimPerformance Assessment Unit Exemplars(25215)Stipend: $500
Davis, Kathleen7th Grade Math(25215)Stipend: $500
Davis, KathleenAcademic Support – Executive Function(25215)Stipend: $500
Elliott, CatherineMV Performance Assessment Institute 6/29-6/30(25215)Stipend: $500
Fisher, Ali5th Grade Humanities(25215)Stipend: $500
Gillis, Kathleen5th Grade Humanities(25215)Stipend: $500
Koldys, Randy7th Grade Berkshire County History(25215)Stipend: $500
Malone-Smith, Katie2 & 6 Art Sole Lewitt Collaboration(25215)Stipend: $500
Oakley, JessicaMV Performance Assessment Institute 6/29-6/30(25215)Stipend: $500
Ramsay, Debra5th Grade Humanities(25215)Stipend: $500
Rueger, Cathy7th Grade Math(25215)Stipend: $500
Rueger, Cathy7th Grade Berkshire County History(25215)Stipend: $500
Russell, TammyMV Performance Assessment Institute 6/29-6/30(25215)Stipend: $500
Shook, MaryAcademic Support – Executive Function(25215)Stipend: $500
Shook, Mary7th Grade Berkshire County History(25215)Stipend: $500
Smith, Nan5th Grade Humanities(25215)Stipend: $500
Monument Mountain Regional High School
Title II (25215)
Baldwin, LisaScience(25215)Stipend: $500
Barrett, EdMath(25215)Stipend: $500
Birkett, TaraEnglish(25215)Stipend: $500
Bouvier, DanWorld Language(25215)Stipend: $500
Collins, EdwardSocial Studies(25215)Stipend: $500
Estelle, SteveMath(25215)Stipend: $500
Florek, WilliamCVTE(25215)Stipend: $500
Gagnon, J. EmeryEnglish(25215)Stipend: $500
Kennedy, KristaArt(25215)Stipend: $500
King, MancyScience(25215)Stipend: $500
Knox, MariaMath(25215)Stipend: $500
Mooney, MikeEnglish(25215)Stipend: $500
Olds, EmilySocial Studies(25215)Stipend: $500
Roy, KathyCVTE(25215)Stipend: $500
Spence, BethanyScience(25215)Stipend: $500
Staunton-Shron, KaraLibrary(25215)Stipend: $500
Staunton-Shron, KaraTech Interview Committee(25215)Stipend: $160 (4 hrs. @ $40/hr.)
Unsworth, ChrisCVTE(25215)Stipend: $500
VanPelt-Dus, LiskenWorld Language(25215)Stipend: $500
Webber, NeelArt(25215)Stipend: $500
Wohl, MatthewSocial Studies(25215)Stipend: $500
Monument Mountain Regional High School
Crowley, RayMCAS TutorMCASStipend: $25.00/hr.
Project Connection Appointments – Summer 2015 – July 1, 2015 – Auguts 6, 2015
Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School
21st CCLC – (25816)
Campetti, AnnaParaprofessional(25816)$14.00/hr. up to 124 hours
Hall, JodyFood Services(25816)$14.00/hr. up to 75 hours
Houle, CherylParaprofessional(25816)$14.10/hr. up to 134 hours
Thierling, MichaelaParaprofessional(25816)$14.10/hr. up to 134 hours
Wool, SuzanneParaprofessional(25816)$15.85/hr. up to 124 hours
Rand, BillProgram Instructor – Woodworking(25816)Stipend: $1,500- up to $160 add’l for
training not to exceed 4 hrs @ $40/hr.
Redman, JessicaProgram Instructor – Gardening(25816)Stipend: $600- up to $160 add’l for
training not to exceed 4 hrs @ $40/hr.
Silk, LillyProgram Instructor – Gardening(25816)Stipend: $2,340- up to $160 add’l for
training not to exceed 4 hrs @ $40/hr.
Harper, PatriciaNurse (3 Weeks – split MV /MB)(25816)Stipend: $1,440 split position
(other half of stipend – MV)
Donovan, BeckiNurse (2 Weeks – split MV /MB)(25816)Stipend: $960 split position
(other half of stipend – MV)
Rembisz, BrianTechnology Coordinator(25816)Stipend:  $468.75 – up sto $100 add’l
for training/not to exceed 4 hrs.
21st CCLC – (25816)
Costello, VictoriaParaprofessional(26916)$14.00/hr. up to 28 hours
Cormier, HunterParaprofessional(26916)$14.00/hr up to 28 hours
Berkshire United Way
O’Dell, DannyProgram Instructor – Art(26716)Stipend: $3,180- up to $160 add’l for
training not to exceed 4 hrs @ $40/hr.
21st CCLC – (25816)
Du Bois Regional Middle School
Harper, PatriciaNurse (3 Weeks – split MV /MB)(25816)Stipend: $1,440 split position
(other half of stipend – MB)
Donovan, BeckiNurse (2 Weeks – split MV /MB)(25816)Stipend: $960 split position
(other half of stipend – MB)
Zick, DavidProgram Instructor – Rising 5-6th Grade(25816)Stipend: $2,340- up to $160 add’l for
training not to exceed 4 hrs @ $40/hr.
Russell, TammyProgram Instructor – Rising 5-6th Grade(25816)Stipend: $3,900 – up to $160 add’l for
training not to exceed 4 hrs @ $40/hr.
Kinne, MargeParaprofessional(25816)$16.75/hr. up to 124 hours
Lynch, PeterParaprofessional(25816)$14.00/hr. up to 124 hours
Rembisz, BrianTechnology Coordinator(25816)Stipend:  $468.75 – up sto $100 add’l
for training/not to exceed 4 hrs.
Rembisz, BrianParaprofessional(25816)$14.00/hr. up to 86 hours
Sacco, DomProgram Instructor – Leadership(25816)Stipend: $900 – up to $160 add’l for
training not to exceed 4 hrs @ $40/hr.


  1. End of Year Cost Reallocation

Sharon Harrison stated every year the district has to do cost reallocations.  There are a few that need School Committee approval to complete and some that have historically been done as an act of fiscal management.  Mrs. Harrison thought it was a good idea to give the Committee an overview of all of the kinds of things that have been looked at.

The first one is the High School Building Project Fund.  There is a balance in the revolving fund for the High School Building Project for the feasibility and schematic design project of $24,473.  Part of those monies includes the initial amount voted to be used from E & D, as well as the final reimbursement from MSBA.  This is one item the auditor has requested School Committee approval for moving that money from the revolving fund back to the general fund where it would drop to E & D.  The intention of the School Committee at the time was any money left in the fund would be returned back to E & D.

Mr. Clark made a motion, seconded by Mr. Bradway to move the amount of $24,473 from the High School Building Project Revolving Fund to the general fund.

Unanimous approval.

Sharon Harrison stated the next one involves grants.  The district had an Evaluative Capacity Grant for $5,000 received through the efforts of Joshua Briggs.  The intent of that grant was for professional development and to hire consultants to perform professional development.  The district had much capacity internally and did not have to spend that money.  Mr. Briggs spoke to the State and explained how our professional development was run internally as to how to build capacity for annual evaluations and they allowed the district to move some of the professional development costs from the general fund into this grant.  The district has already spent $167.00, so that is why the amount that will be moved in is less.

Sharon Harrison reported whenever the monthly Finance Reports are presented, the Committee looks at the deficits and a request is made each year to increase the amount in the budget for the School Lunch Program.  This year Mrs. Harrison projected $90,000, but in looking at the monies still to come in it will be closer to $87,000.  If the Committee approves $90,000 this evening only what is needed would be moved.  Mrs. Harrison would then come back to the Committee with the actual amount.  The Director of Food Services, Kathy Sullivan and Mrs. Harrison will be meeting over the next few weeks to discuss a rational food service budget.  Our district is unique in the type of food that we offer, the amount of choices offered, the fresh fruit offered.  Our district has almost no commodity purchasing.  So our food costs a little more.  The district currently receives about $2.76 per meal, whether a paid meal or a reimbursed meal.  The statistics for the projection, when you look at the revenue, 50% should be going to staff, 40% to food and 10% to other.  That works out to about $1.00 going to food.  Milk costs .25.  That would leave .75 to produce a healthy, well-balanced meal.  You can do that with bagels and cheese, but not with the type of food the district serves.  Salaries have gone up and food costs have gone up.  Participation is down a bit.  A more in-depth analysis will be given during the programmatic overview.  The district has found the higher amount of meals that are sold are sold to free and reduced lunch students.  At the elementary school of those meals that are sold, 60% are free and reduced lunch students.  The question is, is the district actually reaching all of those kids?

Mr. Clark made a motion, seconded by Mr. Dohoney to expend up to $90,000 to cover FY15 deficit in the School Lunch Revolving Fund.

Mr. Bradway inquired when was the last time the district reviewed the cost for breakfast and lunch.  Mrs. Harrison stated four or five years ago.  Mr. Dohoney inquired if there was a decision to increase meal costs, when that decision should be made.  Mrs. Harrison stated that type of decision should be made by the next meeting.

Unanimous approval.

Mrs. Harrison stated a .25 increase could bring in $11,000 to $13,000 additional monies to the program.  Reimbursement from the government for a free meal is about $2.76.  Reimbursement for reduced is the differential between the $.40 and the $2.76, and reimbursement for a full paid meal is approximately $.26.  Mr. Bannon asked Mrs. Harrison to come to the August 26th meeting with all the facts and figures the Committee would need to make an informed decision on the possibility of raising the meal charge.  Mr. Dohoney was concerned that may not give the Committee or families enough time for notification of an increase.  Mrs. Harrison stated the Committee could always choose to raise the meal charge mid-year.  Mr. Dohoney stated he believes if the Committee is serious about considering a price increase, then the decision needs to be made this evening that it will be discussed at the August meeting.  Mr. Bannon stated the topic will be added to the August agenda.  Mr. Clark inquired whether staff pay the same meal rate as students or whether there is a differential rate.  Mrs. Harrison stated staff meals are charged at a differential rate.  Mr. Bannon stated that cost can be reviewed also.

Sharon Harrison reported the Berkshire United Way Grant for Project Connection was over-expended just over $3,000.  That was reallocated to professional salaries in the operating budget.  The school year 21st Century Grant was over-expended about $5,400.  $3,000 was allocated to Title I transportation that had been budgeted.  The Nursing salary and the paraprofessional salary was a little over and that was moved to the operating budget.  Part of the issue is we cannot end a grant year in deficit.  The district has to absorb it somewhere.  Mr. Bannon stated this is also not the first time the district has over-expended the 21st Century Grant.  Mr. Bannon stated he does not understand why this continues to happen.  Mrs. Harrison stated the district is working very hard on that.

The Capital Projects Fund is for the projects done a year ago.  It was for the fiber, the chillers and technology.  The fiber installation required some soldering work.  The invoicing for that came after the borrowing had been completed.  The $1,900 is three or four small invoices for the soldering.  The district would like to move that back.  This was put into the Grounds Maintenance Account.

Mr. Dohoney made a motion, seconded by Mr. Clark to reallocate $1,905.88 to the operating budget from the Capital Projects Fund.

Unanimous approval.

Sharon Harrison stated each year the Athletic Director informs administration of his concern that the district is not appropriately funding athletic transportation.  It has been discussed having the Athletic Revolving Fund covering that.  The amount is $24,000.

Sharon Harrison stated there is a shortfall in the School Choice Fund.  A certain number of enrollments was projected, and then the school choice process was amended last year, so there were not as many school choice students as originally anticipated.  The district collected $211,697 less than projected out of school choice.  There is money in the revolving fund, but you are already using $50,000 for F16, so Mrs. Harrison does not recommend that.  She does recommend that $50,000 be used from the Circuit Breaker Revolving Fund, which would leave $215,000 for FY16.  The district will also be receiving approximately $295,000 in FY16 for FY17.  What this will do in FY16 is the opening balance would be about $4,000 less than the FY15 opening balance was.  $100,000 from the regular tuition revolving find, so what the Committee would be doing is increasing the amount voted last year for FY15’s use of tuition revolving.  The district received $136,666 over the budgeted amount because the final tuition rates were not set before the Committee set the budget.  And then use $61,697 from the School Choice fund, in addition to the actual revenue.

Mr. Clark made a motion, seconded by Mr. Dohoney to move $50,000 from Circuit Breaker Funds, $100,000 from the regular Tuition Fund and $61,697 from the School Choice fund to the general operating fund.

Unanimous approval.

  1. Vote – Capital Borrowing

Sharon Harrison stated at budget time the Committee did not take a specific borrowing vote, but defacto borrowing was approved.  At that time what was presented was a projection of $325,000 to be borrowed.  The district is actually looking at $275,000.  Mr. Soule has received price quotes for the tennis courts, which were projected at $50,000, and the district is now looking at about $27,000.  Track repair was $100,000, and quotes have come in that are closer to $73,000.  The high school door replacement, 14 sets at $75,000 and the computer hardware replacement for $100,000, for a total of $275,000.

Mr. Clark made a motion, seconded by Mr. Dohoney that he sum of $275,000 is appropriated to pay costs for the following capital projects:  Tennis court repairs, $27,000, Track repairs $73,000, High School door replacements ,14 sets, 75,000, Computer Hardware replacement, $100,000, total $275,000.  And, to meet this appropriation the Distract Treasurer, with approval of the School Committee, is authorized to borrow said amount under and pursuant to Chapter 71, Section 16, subpart d of the General Laws, or pursuant to any other enabling authority and the district agreement and to issue bonds or notes of the district therefore. 


Further proposed that within seven (7) days of this notice the District Secretary is directed to provide notice of the authorization of debt by the district pursuant tot his vote to the Boards of Selectman to each of the district’s member towns as required by Chapter 71, Section 16 subpart d of the General Laws.

Mr. Clark stated $100,000 of this borrowing is for the technology refresh.  Mrs. Harrison stated yes.  He was wondering whether the amount of the refresh should be amended based upon our capital plan.  Mr. Bannon stated the Committee agreed it would stay at $10,000 in the event the estimates come in slightly higher than anticipated.

Mr. Dohoney does not support the repairs to the track or tennis courts at this time.  He does agree with the other two line items.  Because the amounts are being voted as one Mr. Dohoney will oppose.

5 members voted approval.

Mr. Dohoney opposed.






Mr. Dohoney made a motion, seconded by Mr. Bradway to adjourn the public meeting at 8:55PM.

Unanimous approval.


Debra E. Brazie, Recorder