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  • February Break Plans

    February 8, 2021   Dear BHRSD Families and Staff, As February break approaches and you consider travel, I would like you to carefully decide if this is the safest choice.  The bottom line right now is traveling presents a risk, even in the United States.  We know how easily this virus is spread and our entire collective goal is to keep the entire school community healthy, safe and to continue our in-person school option. In the event you do choose to travel, let me remind you of the state’s travel guidance.  The state is requiring all visitors entering Massachusetts, including […]

  • 1.29.2021 Update

    Dear BHRSD Families and Staff, I’m writing with an update on our plans for learning. As you may imagine, these decisions are nearly impossible. I gather data, review it, speak with colleagues and health care professionals, read research and opinion pieces, and try to come up with plans that work for students, families and staff. For some students remote learning is fine and for others it is really inadequate. I had hoped that the broader data trends we have been seeing would continue. From a county wide perspective they have. The three indicators of daily rate, infection, and positivity are […]

  • 1.13.2021 Update

    Dear BHRSD Community, I’m writing to update you on the status of our approach to learning. While I had hoped to return to in person learning on 1/19/2021, I am now delaying that decision to return in person until Monday 1/25/2021. We will stay with remote learning for an additional week. I am hoping that when we return on 1/25/2021 it will be in person for grades PK-6 and in a hybrid model for grades 7-12.  This is all contingent upon where we are with the data early next week. My decision is informed by a weekly consultation with a Health […]

  • COVID-19 Update

    November 12, 2020 Dear BHRSD Community, I’m writing with a brief update on our schools in relation to COVID-19. As we approach Thanksgiving and the Holidays and as COVID-19 surges nationally and likely locally, we need to be especially vigilant and realize that our individual actions impact our community as a whole. Berkshire County and our schools have carefully followed guidance on hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing.  By and large our shared efforts have really paid off and as a community we have had a very low infection and transmission rate.  Thank you all so much for your […]

  • BHRSD 8/12/2020 Re-Opening Plan

  • Updates on re-opening and meetings

  • Food Program Continues Through August 31st

  • Remote Learning Survey – 5/19/2020

  • COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

  • Update 04/24

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