Late buses leave the high school at 5:10, the middle school at 5:15, and the elementary school at 5:20. The late bus runs Monday-Thursday on all regular school days. Late buses do not run during breaks, on holidays, half-days, snow days, the partial week before Thanksgiving break, or the partial week before Winter break.

***Please note that high school students will board bus #3 at the high school at 5:05 and may need to transfer to bus #1, 1A, or 2 at the Middle School at 5:10.

  • Students enrolled in after-school activities can take the late bus as long as they are pre-enrolled and space is available. 
  • School-choice students who do not reside in the district are not eligible for busing.
  • Students enrolled in CLEO activities will be enrolled onto a late bus as part of the CLEO enrollment process and do not have to complete the signup form below.
  • To sign up for a late bus, complete this form in its entirety. Requests must be made a minimum of 2 school days before the request takes effect.
  • If you need to make a change to an existing bus schedule, please use this form. Requests must be made a minimum of 2 school days before the change takes effect. If you are picking up a child who is scheduled to be on a bus, please do NOT use this form. Contact the activity coordinator directly to let them know not to put the child on the late bus.

Late bus schedule

Depart:   Monument Mountain HS 5:10  /  DuBois MS 5:15  /  Muddy Brook ES 5:20

Route #1 

Stop 1 – GB Post Office (222 Main Street) 5:30
Stop 2 – Bridge & Bentley 5:33
Stop 3 – East & Cottage 5:35

Route #1A 

Stop 1 – The Cove (109 Stockbridge Road, GB) 5:25
Stop 2 – North St. (Berkshire Bike & Board) 5:27
Stop 3 – Wards Nursery (600 Main St, GB) 5:32

Route #2

Stop 1 – Taft Farm (119 Park St, GB) 5:25
Stop 2 – Gibbons Drive & Park Street, GB 5:27
Stop 3 – Old Hous. School 5:29

Route #3 

Stop 1 – Old Stock. Town Hall/Congregational Church (4 Main Street, Stockbridge) 5:25
Stop 2 – Pinewoods 5:27
Stop 3 – Main St., West Stockbridge 5:30
Stop 4 – West Stockbridge Town Hall 5:32

***ALL Parents K-4 must be out of their Vehicles waiting at the stop Visible to the bus driver. Students in K-4 will Not be released unless the parent is Visible to the driver. In the event that a parent is not at the stop at the scheduled time, the school will contact the parent to pick up the child at the last stop on the route.