All of the information that you need as a CLEO staff member.

Intern Schedule

Calling in: If you cannot work as scheduled, please email your site coordinator as soon as possible.


Activity Planning Guides

The activity planning guides are required of all instructors for each course taught. They are intended to establish clear expectations and goals for each course. Please pay close attention to the following areas – which will be scored by the state – Driving Questions, SAYO Outcomes, Positive Culture, and Constant Engagement.


TIME CARD for Staff

TIME CARD for Interns

Time cards should be submitted each week by end of day Friday. Time cards submitted after this point will be paid in the next pay period.


CLEO cell: (413)717-9346 – This is the preferred method of contact during all CLEO program time. (If texting, please include your name and your child’s name in the text.)

JP Okin, (413)717-9346

Grades 1-4 Molly Gaschott,

Grades 5-8 Aretha Whitehead,

Grades 9-12 Ryan Kelly, (413) 248-6480


Staff Manual

Manuel de Empleado